2023 Institutional Investor Conference

At LISA's 13th Annual Institutional Investor Conference Standardization Remains Key to Life Settlement Success

While threats from the global banking system to internal competition for capital were emphasized throughout the day, recognition that the life settlement industry owns the solutions to its asset's success was a driving theme at the Life Insurance Settlement Association's (LISA) 13th Annual Institutional Investor Conference

Starting the day with an investment strategy rockstar, Wilmington Trust CIO, Tony Roth, led 125 life settlement experts and investors through a discussion highlighting how inflationary pressures and looming recessions might influence the growth potential for the life settlement asset class. At the center of Mr. Roth's remarks was Wilmington Trusts' 2023 Capital Markets Forecast, an annual report that spotlights major market trends and how they may impact investment portfolio strategies. You can view a copy of Mr. Roth's presentation here.

Featured conference sessions over the full-day event included a panel of expert investors from the US and Europe discussing the threats to the industry and tangible solutions to increase deal flow, a fireside chat looking at how A.I. and technology will influence the customer experience in the not so distant future, an update from the industry's foremost expert on legislative and regulatory activity; a conversation taking a deep dive at the true potential for life settlement market growth; and a session featuring LISA's Executive Committee members discussing the most encouraging opportunities for industry standardization.

"The sessions at this year's Institutional Investors Conference were informative, lively, and optimistic about the future of life settlements,” said LISA executive director, Bryan Nicholson. “We are grateful for the unparalleled insights offered by all of the industry leaders in attendance and I look forward to exploring the themes and activities discussed during the upcoming year as LISA continues to serve as the leading voice of the Life Settlement industry."

Additional feedback from the conference include:

  • Good attendance by market members, location was advantageous, panels were thought provoking and educational.
  • The panel discussions with knowledgeable and expert market players were interesting.
  • The turnout was better than expected. The venue was conducive to networking. The program was well-managed.