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Eskatos Capital Management (ECM) is the management company of Eskatos SICAV SIF. The Company invests solely in Insurance Linked Securities targeting Life, P&C and Specialty Lines businesses/ Among the Life risks driven assets, Eskatos is a center of excellence in the life settlement space, benefitting from the advisory services of Katarsis Capital Advisors (KCA). KCA is a uniquely positioned firm in the ILS arena, with a team of very experienced and highly reputable professionals. ECM aims at being the market expert in insurance-related risks and the entry point for all non-US investors that want to get an exposure to a vast class of assets and securities that are linked to natural events. The main mark of distinction of Eskatos is the mosaic approach allowing a high level of diversification by geographic area, peril and asset’s contractual features. Since assets are referenced to natural, catastrophic events which are independents from each other, the resulting portfolio shows a very high degree of intra-decorrelation. At the same time such assets are not correlated with financial markets and hence extra-decorrelation is accomplished.

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