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BroadRiver Asset Management, L.P.

350 5th Ave Ste 4215
New York, New York 10118-4215

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What We Do

Formed in 2009, BroadRiver Asset Management, L.P. specializes in providing its clients with compelling risk-adjusted returns by creating and managing uncorrelated alternative investments with many of the features of fixed-income investments. We focus on offering investments with many of the attractive characteristics of investment grade fixed income assets – dependable yield, high credit quality, and low-volatility – with the added benefit of low correlation to financial markets and general economic conditions. We are known for our data-driven approach, which enables us to identify and exploit inefficient niches in alternative assets where we can be price-setters rather than price takers. We are particularly sensitive to protection of principal and our clients’ needs to reliably match or exceed overall portfolio benchmarks.

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