Magna Life Settlements, Inc.

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Magna Life Settlements, Inc.


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Magna Life Settlements, Inc. (“Magna”) is a Florida licensed and domiciled Life Settlement provider in the Viatical and Life Settlement Industry and is wholly owned by Vida Capital, Inc. Our distinctive approach to Life Settlements is supported by quality due diligence, experienced management and strong financial backing. Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience in life insurance, medical underwriting, claims, actuarial services and financial markets. Magna strongly supports regulation that protects both consumers selling their policies and institutional investors interested in providing funds to purchase policies. Magna also recognizes and complies with its obligations to maintain and adhere to the confidentiality of all personal, financial, health and medical information. We provide unprecedented customer service solutions that lead to our streamlined closing process. Magna began operations in 1987, as a provider of life and health insurance services and has been in the Life Settlement industry since 2004. Magna was acquired and managed by Vida Capital, Inc. since 2010.