LISA Launches New Website to Educate Consumer Advisors about Life Settlements

by Wesley Costa, Director of Marketing and Education, LISA | May 14, 2015 Leave a Comment

330_lisa_websiteThis month, LISA rolled out a new state-of-the-art website, which delivers important information about why life settlements may be an attractive alternative to lapsing or surrendering a life insurance policy.

The site,, is conveniently organized with highly relevant information for two unique audiences: Life Policy Owners and Consumer Advisors. The Consumer Advisors section of the site was built to serve as an important free resource for financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, attorneys and other professionals who are in a position of providing counsel to seniors and their family members regarding important financial planning decisions.

The section consists of the following key areas of content: 

  • “Why Sell?” – a basic tutorial of life settlements and descriptions of various scenarios in which advisors may want to consider recommending a life settlement to a client;
  • “Candidates” – straightforward presentation of who is (and who is not) a good candidate for a settlement;
  • “Policy Value” – brief explanation of how a life insurance policy is potentially valued on the secondary market;
  • “Helping Clients” – an important summary of how consumer advisors can fulfill various aspects of their ethical responsibilities to their clients by learning more about life settlements;
  • “Benefits to You” – a candid assessment of how advisors can directly and indirectly benefit by recommending the life settlement option to appropriate clients; and
  • “Sales Process” – a detailed roadmap to how the life settlement transaction unfolds for qualified clients who choose to pursue a settlement.

The Consumer Advisors section of the new LISA website contains objective information, much of which is supported by independent data. The content is purely educational and does not solicit any transactions, although advisors are able to search the LISA database to identify a licensed life settlement professional in their region whom they may wish to contact for more information.

Finding life settlement content on LISA’s new website will also be much easier, thanks to a smart “auto-complete” search platform that is fast and easy to use.  The site also features a new educational resources landing page that allows a policy owner to sort content based on different categories and stages of the life settlement transaction, along with the ability to narrow results by different media types such as videos, news, blogs, white papers, brochures, etc.

LISA’s website also includes an “Industry Resources” section with a wide range of free content that will be especially useful to consumer advisors seeking to educate themselves about the industry. For example, that section of the site explores the history of life settlements in the U.S., the evolution of life settlements regulation, a comprehensive analysis of state legislation governing life settlements, and a simple timeline that graphically illustrates how the industry has grown over the years.

Other sections of the site consist of an About LISA section, information regarding upcoming LISA events, and details about how a life settlement professional or industry service provider can become a member of LISA. To check out the new site, please go to