Helping Clients







How Advisors Serve Clients

It is the advisor’s role to help their clients explore all of their options, including a life settlement, when a policy is no longer needed, wanted or affordable.
Advisors serve a special purpose in counseling and managing their clients’ financial needs and options.
An advisor should review every aspect of a client’s portfolio to determine if the assets within are performing properly.


If a senior determines that a life settlement is the right alternative for their particular situation, an advisor can add significant value to the transaction on behalf of their client.

An advisor’s important role in a life settlement transaction is to protect their client. In addition to representing their client’s best interests, an advisor should confer with state laws to ensure all needs are being met and laws and regulations are being followed by all parties.


Often overlooked are performances of life insurance policies.

A life insurance policy is an investment like equities, fixed income or real estate, and should be reviewed from time to time to see if it still meets the needs for which it was initially purchased. There are times when an advisor or policy owner may conclude that the proceeds from the sale of a policy could be deployed in a better-performing investment.

A broker versus a provider

It is possible to engage in a life settlement through either a broker or provider. However, most settlements are conducted through a broker, who can then solicit multiple competitive bids on behalf of the insured. The advantage of working directly with a provider – which is only responsible for its own bid – is that intermediaries are eliminated from the process. The ultimate goal is to obtain the best possible settlement on the best possible terms.