The $112 Billion Life Settlement Opportunity: Join Us as We “Make History” in Boston

by Darwin Bayston, CFA, President and CEO, LISA | April 15, 2015 Leave a Comment

The great city of Boston is known for its historical significance in the birth of the American idea. In the decades that have followed, Boston has been at the heart of our nation’s pursuit of intellectual curiosity and financial innovation.

For these reasons, Boston is a fitting place for the 21st Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference, sponsored by LISA. The event – whose theme is “Making History in Boston” – will take place on May 3-5, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Boston.

Making history in Boston is about a “do-over” of awareness and marketing to the 97% of American seniors and their respected advisors who have little or no knowledge about the financial value a life settlement may offer . . .

Making history in Boston is about realizing the need to restructure the life settlement market to penetrate and accommodate an environment that could realize a 25 times increase in policy submissions in the next two to three years . . .

And making history in Boston is about preparing our industry for the potential $112 billion opportunity on the horizon: that is the astounding face value of policies held by American seniors over the age of 65 that are lapsed or surrendered each year.

Our Spring Life Settlement Conference will provide important educational information to attendees with a number of thought-provoking sessions, such as the following:

Harvard University’s Dr. Lauren Cohen will lead a discussion about whether the industry can adapt to the structural changes necessary to accommodate a $50+ billion life settlement market;

  • A panel of industry executives will engage in a discussion that will challenge the evolving nature of the current life settlement transaction;
  • An Internet marketing expert will join the LISA staff for a presentation about the absolute need to be on the forefront of digital communications to seniors and their advisors;
  • Simon Erritt, chairman of the European Life Settlement Association, will reveal developments in the international markets that may represent new opportunities; and
  • A panel of legal experts will review the latest industry litigation and regulatory developments that could have a profound impact on the market.

The conference will also include the Annual Meeting of LISA members, where five directors will be elected as part of the nine-member LISA Board of Directors. LISA members are encouraged to come to the Annual Meeting and discuss ideas about LISA’s strategy of serving its members and representing the industry.

We invite you to join us in Boston, May 3-5, and make history! For more information about conference registration, please go to or contact Shannon Fleshman at