LISA Partners with Member Firms to Promote Life Settlements at RIA Summit

April 03, 2015 Leave a Comment
As part of our pro-active campaign to educate Americans about life settlements as an important option for seniors, LISA recently created a national “speakers bureau” program in which we’re partnering with member firms to place thought leaders from our industry on the podiums of select conferences. We’ve already secured two such speaking engagements and have several more opportunities in the works. 

The first one took place last week at the Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) Summit in Las Vegas. I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion that included Gary Brown, chief executive officer of CMG Life Services Inc., and Clay Gibson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Vida Capital. 

Our goal for the session was to provide an overview of life settlements and to position them as an attractive non-correlated alternative asset class for institutional investors. We set out to educate the audience about how institutional investors are exploring the life settlement market, uncovering value and finding new business opportunities. 

Some of the highlights covered in our session included: 

- It is settled law that life insurance is personal property and it is the right of an insured/policyholder to sell their life policy; 
- Over the course of the next decade, the life settlement market will exceed $100 billion of face value annually, fueled by the aging baby boom population that will be seeking to augment their financial needs for retirement and rising health care costs; 
- Forty-two states regulate life settlement transactions and six have moved to require insurance companies to advise policyholders of the availability of a life settlement as an option to lapsing their policies; 
- Over the past five-plus years, the secondary market has become a respected environment where billions of dollars in face value of life insurance policies can be transacted between policyholders and institutional investors. 

This panel discussion created a platform for LISA to partner with two of our member firms to provide an overview of the market, discuss the current practices and trends in transacting business, and provide insights from lessons of the past and future opportunities for this unique asset class. Gary and Clay also had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with RIA members and discuss specific business development opportunities. 

There are still a number of conferences we would like to target for LISA-moderated panel discussions regarding life settlements. If you would like more information about how your firm can participate in the LISA Speakers Bureau, please contact Wesley Costa