• Just one in 10 wealthy individuals had given complete information about their estates to their heirs
    June 01, 2017

    An Important Discussion to Have with Clients

    Take a fresh look at your clients’ whole or universal life insurance policies, especially if they were purchased years ago and use that evaluation exercise as an opportunity to engage your clients in a dialogue with their heirs about whether the policy still aligns with their strategic objective in purchasing it in the first place.

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  • Life Settlement Taxes Information
    April 15, 2016

    Tax uncertainties for life settlements: 5+ troublesome issues

    It’s tax time again, which means yet another year has passed without clarity for life settlement transactions.

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  • Estate-Planning-and-Life-Settlements
    January 20, 2016

    Life Settlements and Estate Attorneys

    If the tax is eliminated through the good work of a consultant, the client’s life insurance may be rendered unnecessary. Life insurance policies are not a liability. They are an asset that can be sold.

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