Established in 1994, the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) is the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement market.

LISA has played a key role in developing legislation and regulations as the foundation for an open, transparent and competitive market for the transaction of life settlements.  

The life settlement industry is a dynamic marketplace representing the needs of life insurance policy owners and the Life Insurance Settlement Association is proud to serve as its leading voice.  LISA members are held to the highest ethical standards in business practices. They also pledge to improve public information and awareness, resulting in a healthy industry, strong individual businesses, and better service to consumers. 

LISA Membership has much to offer – whether you are just entering the life settlement market or building upon years of experience and seeking to benefit from the influence, activities and services of LISA and its members .  By being a member, you will definitely have the resources you need to excel in the market. 

As a LISA member, you gain access to the industry’s latest news, developing research, reference materials and discounted conference rates, providing you a significant financial benefit. Being a member of LISA also gives you a voice of influence in the industry among legislators, regulators and other governmental bodies.

Membership Benefits:

The LISA Membership is the best option for firms that desire to benefit from the influence, activities and services LISA represents in the life settlement industry.

  • As a member of LISA, your membership extends to your employees and coworkers.

  • Your membership also grants voting rights to your designated member representative, provides an opportunity to participate in committee activities and become a candidate for the Board of Directors.

  • The cost of membership is $2,500 per quarter ($10,000 annually) for voting members and $12,500 per quarter ($50,000 annually) for Charter members.