Networking Opportunities for Life Settlement Professionals
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Section: Members

Networking is a crucial aspect of business for any professional, especially when it comes to a business sector like life settlements. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find networking opportunities, particularly with COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns in effect. Luckily, there are some excellent resources, as well as a variety of methods, that will allow professionals to find networking opportunities.

Digital Meetings

The internet is one of the greatest resources available, something that has become even more true with the events of COVID-19 and our inability to meet and network in the same ways as before. For this reason, various job sites (as well as networking and social media platforms) have become hotspots for professionals to meet, offer and find services, and network with one another.
One of the most commonly used platforms available is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a multifaceted platform that is made for professionals to find one another. With each user creating a personalized profile that highlights their skills, qualifications, and experience, not only is this a great way for both workers and employers to find the people and jobs that they need, but the website also creates an instant network that can be used to find others in the life settlement profession. 
To begin networking, simply create a profile and complete it to present the best depiction of your skills and experience. You can then search for other professionals and companies, or you can simply browse the latest news and updates posted by other members, all of which can be searched through various categories and filters.  
Some of the larger companies that you may find on LinkedIn also hold regular conferences and networking events. The Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), for example, is one of the biggest organizations for life settlement professionals. We can keep you updated on new trends and developments within the life settlement industry. We also pride ourselves on holding conferences as organized discussions, featuring some of the most credible speakers from inside and outside of the industry. You can also look to us for opportunities to find providers and connect with members that may have particular needs. LISA will be hosting its Annual Member Meeting and Conference virtually through a series of online events throughout October and into early November. More information about these virtual events will be available at in the coming days.
Due to the limited number of in-person events that are currently taking place during the pandemic, a lot of what used to take place live is now held virtually, as is the case with our upcoming event offerings. Smartphone apps such as Eventful and Meetup allow you to search for events in your area by categories, and you may be surprised at just how many events now regularly take place in the virtual forum. LISA is currently engaged in the process of evaluating app solutions to be used in conjunction with our new website. We hope to have a solution in place later this calendar year.  


Expand Your Network At Networking Events 

Another idea is to expand your network by connecting to everyone who could be involved in life settlements, including financial advisors, insurance agents, underwriters, entrepreneurs, and brokers. One of the best ways to do this would be to find gatherings or business events (even with social distancing restrictions in place) involving organizations such as local banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and entrepreneurial groups. You can definitely meet a lot of people this way, and face-to-face connections are the best networking method of all (even in the face of social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions). 
Also, please note that many financial advisors and insurance agents do not inform their clients of the benefits of life settlements, so many people are not well-versed in how life settlements work. But as a life settlement professional, it’s your responsibility, and opportunity, to bring this up with your clients. When attending networking events, ask around to see if anyone there knows anyone else who could potentially be interested in a life settlement or life insurance policy. 


Personal Connections

Word of mouth is also a useful and effective technique. The people in each individual’s life are an instant network that extends into some unexpected walks of life and situations. Simply mentioning a desire to network with other life settlement professionals to a friend or family member may lead them to recommend you to someone they know who also works in the profession, has participated in the process, or has other experience in the field. 
Although the recent restrictions set in place in many parts of the world due to COVID-19 have greatly reduced networking opportunities for all professionals, there are still certain methods and platforms that can be used as a means of staying updated and in touch with other life settlement professionals. Whether it is through those close to us, or through the power of the internet, there is no shortage of potential ways to remain current and connected. For help with staying connected and creating the professional connections you need, use the resources available through the LISA website.