How To Have a Conversation With Your Family About Selling A Life Insurance Policy
Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Section: Policy Holders

Selling your life insurance policy is both an exciting opportunity and a fairly big decision to make. When you decide that it’s time to sell, it’s a decision that you will need to share with your family. While telling your family about selling your life insurance might seem a bit challenging, there’s no need to worry. You only need to make sure that you approach the topic in the right way. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when telling your family about selling life insurance to ensure the conversation goes smoothly.

Make A Final Decision
Don’t go into a conversation with your family about selling your life insurance if you aren’t entirely sure you want to sell your policy. Making a final decision to sell your policy will allow you to approach the conversation with confidence, which will help your family feel more confident in your desire to sell as well. Conduct thorough research on selling your life insurance policy before having the conversation with your family. You may even want to consider talking the decision over with a licensed life settlement company to ensure your best interests are being met. Ultimately, you want to be sure that this is the right decision for you and your family.

Consider What Information You Wish To Share
Be tactful with how you approach your family with your decision to sell your policy by sharing the most necessary information. This will help keep the conversation with your family as straightforward as possible and will help to ensure that they have a good understanding of the information you’re presenting. Since your loved ones have your best interest in mind, keeping your reasoning succinct and well-informed will help them see why selling is the right decision for both you and your family’s future.


Be Prepared With Documentation
It will be helpful to have documents on hand when having the discussion with your family about selling your life insurance. Specific information found in documentation may be beneficial to your family’s understanding of the process. By having the documentation with you, you’ll also feel more confident when presenting your case. Additionally, having these documents readily available can assist you with presenting a stronger case for why it’s a good idea to sell and how or why you came to your decision. Consider having the following documents and information ready:

  • Brochures or documents provided to you by a licensed life settlement company that clearly explains the process.

  • Information about how a life settlement will help you with your finances.

  • Financial information about long-term care costs to show your family how much of a necessity having funds will be.

  • Documents explaining the possibilities for using the money from a life settlement. Such as turning the money into a fund for your grandchildren or paying off debts to improve retirement.

  • Medical bills that you need to pay off, to show how the life settlement money can help.

  • Potential re-investment opportunities.

Selling your life insurance policy can be the best decision you make in your later years. When telling your family about your choice to sell your life insurance, approach the situation confidently and with the right documents to make the conversation successful. Hopefully, your family responds with love and support. If you would like help with answering any questions you and your family may have, speak with a licensed life settlement company such as the ones found on our website.