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Established in 1994, the Life Insurance Settlement Association is the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement market. Its goal is to advance the highest standards of conduct for market participants and to promote education and awareness to consumers, investors, and public officials. 

LISA represents more than 85 member firms including 2,500 professionals from life settlement brokers, life settlement providers, institutional investors, life settlement servicers, and other service providers. Learn how to cash in your life insurance policy and take control of your retirement planning today with members of The Life Insurance Settlement Association. 

The life settlement industry is a dynamic marketplace representing the needs of life insurance policy owners and we are proud to serve as its leading voice. 

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In the News

01/30/2015 Secondary Life Insurance Market Picks Up Pace as Seniors Cash In
01/27/2015 Ashar Group Announces the First Life Settlement Policy Value App at the Heckerling Institute and AICPA Conferences
01/22/2015 Life Insurance Settlement Association Brings Together Institutional Investors to Discuss Opportunities in Life Settlements
01/22/2015 Imperial Holdings Issues an Additional $25 Million of Senior Secured Notes to Indaba Capital
01/20/2015 No. 80: Life Partners Files Its First Financial Report after the Court-Ordered Death Sentence